Monique Bassila Zaarour individualized lifestyle diet plans are easy to follow and focus primarily on changing people's behaviors rather than providing them with a quick-fix. They are appropriate for all age groups.

Monique educates children, adolescents and their families about nutrition and establishes positive approaches to help the child reach a healthy weight.

MBZ also helps women pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and after to ensure proper education about food behaviors for her and her child alike; discussing breastfeeding and food introduction for her newly born.

Monique believes in proper follow up and persistence in order to keep the weight OFF.

Weight Loss Plans: (All Ages)

These plans consist of:

  • Online Diet Section, 270$ first consultation and 4 follow up 3 + 1
  • Lebanese residents will have a gift delivered to their doors.

Medical Diet Plans:

In collaboration with your doctor, Monique will help you better understand and cope with your medical condition. MBZ diet plans follow the American Dietetic Association's (ADA) recommendations and are appropriate for:

  • Weight issues
    all ages

  • Heart

  • Renal Disease

  • Hypertension

  • Post Bariatric

  • Pregnancy
    & Lactation

  • Diabetes

MBZ also handles:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Post-Bariatric Surgeries
  • Reflux, Migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Anemia, Celiac Diseases

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Plans:

Monique renowned diet plans provide YOU and your BABY with the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals and calories thus ensuring:

  • Proper growth for your baby
  • Minimal weight gain during pregnancy
  • A healthy post-pregnancy weight loss
  • A nutritious and beneficial milk supply
  • Breastfeeding guidelines
  • Solid food introduction protocols

She will follow up with you throughout the months to make sure all of your goals are well in reach.