Online Diet

Monique Bassila Zaarour offers an online dietetic consultations program for:

  • Mainly Lebanese living abroad and Lebanese diaspora especially those who lead a busy lifestyle and still enjoy Lebanese foods and cultures.

Whether you want to lose weight, need help in solving a medical problem or just want to learn to eat right, Monique is the right guide for you.

Monique will give you an individualized plan based on your needs and lifestyle. She will follow up with you through Google Meet, Zoom or WhatsApp to help you reach all your targets.

For the online:

  • First consultation is 1 hour. Monique goes over your lifestyle, weight history and food intake. She books 1 hour and will give you the diet and all the needed changes in your life.
  • Then, she will do Weekly follow ups or bi monthly depending on your improvement.

This plan consists of:

  • 270$ first consultation and 4 follow up 3 +1 with MBZ and maybe with her team. For more information, please go to "Contact us".
  • WhatsApp service Monday to Friday to answer all your diet-related questions.